How Elevatr Solves Your Pain

Easy to setup icon

It’s Super Easy to Setup

Elevatr helps you build signup forms and webinar landing pages within minutes and doesn’t require you to have any coding or HTML experience.

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Builds Beautiful Forms

Even if you are not a designer, Elevatr’s point-and-click design controls help you build amazing signup forms and webinar landing pages.

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It Just Works

Unlike other plugins which don’t always work right and using them becomes time consuming and frustrating, Elevatr just works. It’s that simple

What People Say About Elevatr

Sarah Arrow –

Elevatr is simple to install and easy to use. I recommend it for those new to building a mailing list that are scared that the tech might be too much, and those that are great at tech but short on time! Eugen’s simple and concise instructions will help you build a list and get great results.

Henri Junttila –

Elevatr is simple and easy to use. What else can you ask? It’ll save you ten times the amount it costs to buy.

Georgina El Morshdy –

Elevatr is a useful tool to seamlessly manage your email list. Its integration with GoToWebinar and its ability to automatically subscribe webinar attendees to my master email list saves time and ensures I maximize my leads.

I would recommend this product.

Beth Heavrin –

Finally, a plugin that allows me to make my own signup forms without a lot of technical know-how! I’ve tried several form plugins that were either too complicated or they didn’t work well: one of them slowed down my site and another simply wouldn’t load properly.

Elevatr has solved my problem. I can quickly and easily create my own signup forms and webinar landing pages without having to hire a designer.

How it Works

#1 Create and craft your signup form/webinar

Elevatr let’s you quickly and easily build custom signup forms and webinar landing pages. The process creation is dead simple.

To build your form, first you have to add your message/copy. Then you can make your signup forms unique by changing the form and font styles, colors, backgrounds and textures. Finally, you have to choose the list where you want to add your subscribers, choose the form type and save it.

For webinars, all you have to do it’s just craft your landing page, just as a regular page, connect to GoToWebinar and insert webinar form on your page.

#2 Place your signup forms strategically

With Elevatr you can essentially place the forms in any locations you want.

Choose [Custom Location] and use the [Elevatr Form Widget] to place your form in the sidebar and footer. Or use the shortcode to place it in any post or page you want.

The [Cloud Box] can be added in your sidebar using the [Elevatr Form Widget]. To use [Below Post] you will have to choose the form that will be used from Elevatr Settings.

As for webinars, all you have to do is just drive people to the webinar page you just built.

#3 See how your email list grows

Once you finish setting up Elevatr, the real fun begins. Now, all you have to do it’s just relax, provide amazing content and watch how your list grows.

We will bug you to do that and add on our members area resources to help you transform your visitors into loyal subscribers.

You will learn more about how you can increase your email subscribers from our email marketing and conversion optimization seminars.